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Add step titles to individual steps as required. Call out key information or create clear separation between different tasks or parts of a procedure.
Capture digital notes or drawings as well as signatures with the Sketch Pad input type.
Add acceptable range and exact length validations to text and numerical user inputs. Highlight entries that don't meet the conditions or restrict entry of invalid responses.
Acceptable Range:
Can be a minimum or maximum value or a range of two values.
Exact Length:
the number of characters a response is required to be.
Streamline your workflows by requesting multiple user inputs on a single step.
New validations alert users to action steps which are missing inputs.
Click on the workflow finish button to automatically jump to and action, uncompleted steps.



Form View

Enable Form View to see all workflow steps in a continuous flow. Users can scroll up and down through the full workflow, rather than step-by-step.
When deleting content, HINDSITE will proactively alert you to workflows the content is attached to. View and update the workflow or delete as required.
Move completed workflow reports to other workspaces as needed.
Editing your english transcriptions will automatically update the transcription and translation of any other languages enabled in your workspace.
Review all recorded calls within Call History. Snip and save to your content library as required.
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